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Health & Wellness Services

  Good health is what allows us to enjoy our lives.  When our health is      compromised, our ability to  participate in day to day activities can become   limited. I want to help you to take charge of your own  health and  wellbeing by empowering you with the  knowledge needed to get healthy  and stay healthy. Whether you're at a point in your life where you want to  ensure your health by taking preventative measures, or you've had enough  of not feeling your best and being exhausted, or you've actually be  diagnosed with a disease or disorder, I can guide you toward finding the  health and vitality you've been hoping for. 

 The following services are available individually, however, the information  taught in each session builds upon the previous session, to create a full  picture and understanding of all the important components that come together to create better health.  For this reason, I am happy to offer a discounted rate when you bundle up on multiple services/sessions. I hope this helps make it easier for you to make a commitment to improving your health.  Why just survive, when you can thrive!?

                     If purchased individually, the Healthy Kitchen Makeover, Grocery Store Tour, and Healthy Home Makeover 
                                                    are $115 each or you can bundle 2 or more services for a discounted rate.
                                       choose any 1 service = $115         choose any 2 services = $205         choose all 3 services = $295      

*Group rate available for the Grocery Store Tour ($120) ~ Gather up to 6 of your friends or family members and split the cost!

real health kitchen     If you've been wanting to improve your overall health and eating habits, this is an awesome    opportunity to take a closer look at what you and your family are already eating, and to learn  the difference between foods that are high in nutritional quality and low in nutritional quality.  Together, we take a tour through your pantry,  refrigerator, and freezer and you will learn what  makes those foods healthy or unhealthy. I will  teach you how to read food labels and  decipher  ingredient lists, so you'll know what ingredients  to look for/or avoid when you are grocery  shopping.

 Together, we will make a list of healthy foods that fit your family's tastes and needs, so that  you can feel confident about what you are eating and feeding your family! I will also assess  your cookware and food storage containers to make sure you have good quality items that will  keep  your  family safe from toxins.

  I would love the opportunity to teach you and your family how to make simple but important  changes to  your diet that will lead you to a lifetime of better health and wellness!

grocery store tour
Are you ready to take the next step toward putting your new healthy lifestyle goals into action? Then you're ready for the essential Grocery Store Tour. (Actual shopping is optional).
It can be difficult and overwhelming to know what to buy at the grocery store. Most companies are very savvy about using images and phrases on their packaging that make it seem as though their products are healthy, when in fact, many times the exact opposite is true. 

We will meet at a local grocery store so that you can put your new-found knowledge into action! (if you completed the Healthy Kitchen Makeover session). We will take a tour of the store and look closely at the products you typically buy. You'll learn how to read the labels and decipher the ingredients as we discuss what makes food healthy or unhealthy. You'll learn about which ingredients you should avoid, as well as what the different codes mean on the fruits and veggies.

If you find that the ingredients in your favorite items aren't up to your standards, don't worry - I can show you alternatives that are much healthier versions, but still taste just as yummy! Overall, you'll learn how to choose the healthiest foods available for you and you family, but the good news is you don't have to give up all your treats! There needs to be a balance in everything we do in life, and that means we should all indulge sometimes. So this is why I'll happily show you the healthiest versions of your favorite snacks, too.

With all the knowledge you'll gain from the tour, you'll be feeling more confident than ever about providing the best foods for your family.

*If you have children, bring them along! This is a great opportunity to get them involved in learning about healthy eating habits which will set them up for a lifetime of wonderful health!

healthy home
 So- you've improved your eating habits and adopted a healthier lifestyle -  awesome! Now  it's time to take your health to the next level.

 Aside from choosing the healthiest and safest foods to eat, the next most  important thing we can do for our health, is to detox our homes from the nasty  and illness causing chemicals  in our bath, body and cleaning products. Research  shows that the average woman is exposed to over 168 toxic chemicals each day,  most of which are a part of her morning  routine. Other research shows that an  average of over 200 chemicals are found in the cord blood of newborn babies  today. It is overwhelmingly clear that it is extremely important we  take action to  limit our chemical exposures on a daily basis.

 With this Healthy Home Makeover service, I will come to your home and we will  take a  closer look at the ingredients in the bath, body and cleaning products you  use. I will explain  why these products are dangerous to your family and even  your pets, as well as how they  specifically impact your health. But best of all, I  will show you the alternative options you  have for effective, safe, non-toxic, chemical-free products that you can make yourself, or  purchase. Before you know it, you'll have confidence and peace of mind knowing that the  products you are using everyday on yourself, your children and your home are 100% safe!

Additional Services starting May 2018

I consider cooking to be one of the most important skills I learned from my mother, and one I am so very grateful for. Growing up in an Italian household, the kitchen was the center of it all.  One of the ways my siblings and I learned to show our love and take care of others, was to cook for them! What a beautiful thing it is to be able to provide comfort and nourishment to those you care about.

Aside from providing for others, learning to cook is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Not knowing how to cook means that you must rely on others- whether it be family members, a partner, or a restaurant, to provide meals for you. Since our need for nourishment is a pillar for survival, it is so important to at least know the basics of cooking skills so that you can rely on yourself at the times in life when it is needed, or so that you can be the one who provides food for those you care about.  Learning these skills can also help you take charge of your health, as you'll have complete control over the ingredients you use.

If you're ready to learn the basics of healthy cooking, then I'm here to make that happen!

I will come to your home/apartment and I will walk you through everything you need to know- from knife/cutting skills, to different ways of cooking (roasting, steaming, boiling, sautéing, baking). I will show you how to make simple, healthy but tasty meals to help you gain some confidence in the kitchen. There is such a sense of pride and empowerment that comes from knowing how to cook!  

                                                                                                                        Cost per 2 hour session: $130 
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