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Miracle Worker!
December 12, 2017
First Name: Ben
"I don't typically write reviews, but I felt my experience with Rebecca was worth sharing. I have had several massage therapists in the past and although they helped, I never felt as though I had a breakthrough until I started seeing Rebecca. About a year ago, I had some very severe back pain. I was looking through many reviews for massage therapists in the Utica area and after reading some of the reviews on here, I decided to give her a try. On the first visit after discussing my issues in depth, Rebecca began working her magic. The immediate relief was much more than I had hoped for and I knew I had found "the one". After many more sessions, I couldn't be happier. Rebecca is truly a miracle worker. I no longer have the lower back pain I had at the start. I consider Rebecca to be a true professional and a friend. The massages are always amazing, and I enjoy talking and laughing every time I have an appointment. If you're looking for someone who is a true professional with a great personality who makes you feel like more than "just another patient", you don't have to look any further. I will not go anywhere else and look forward to many more appointments."
December 8, 2017
First Name: Adam
"From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! Rebecca has helped me with my journey. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that I now have a friend and mentor who has helped me improve my health, not only my physical appearance, but above all, my self-esteem. Rebecca is a woman of strength, courage and dignity; one who values healing arts for the body, mind & spirit. A woman who will not give up on helping people with their goals, regardless of how many obstacles stand in the way."
Rebecca is The Best!
December 6, 2017
First Name: Georgia
"I see Rebecca quite regularly and could not be more happy! She is extremely passionate about massage and helping people and it was so obvious the second I came in for my first session! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a little relaxation or in need of some massage therapy, Rebecca is the absolute best!"
Gifted Healer!
July 20, 2017
First Name: Roger
"Rebecca is not only an amazing Reiki student of mine, but a gifted massage therapist. My wife and myself both loved the massages we received. You could not find a better, more centered, loving, caring, and professional healer. I highly recommend her to anyone who appreciates a holistic healing; mind, body, spirit and soul through the talented hands of an Earth Angel!"

April 2, 2017
First Name: Tom

"I began working with Rebecca last year and she has changed my life! After trying nearly every diet on the planet, and failing, I decided to try a health coach. It was the best decision I could have ever made! Health and nutrition are complex and you cannot do it on your own. Rebecca has a vast knowledge of nutrition and is always adding new information to our program. She is attentive, pleasant and always ready to help. She truly believes what she teaches and her compassion shines through with each meeting."

The Best!
March 9, 2017
First name: Tracey

"I've seen Rebecca on a number of occasions and found her to be absolutely the best! She is very knowledgeable and listens to my body's needs. She has modified my treatment every session so that I get the maximum benefit out of our time together. if you want a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, call Rebecca. Give her an hour and you will not be disappointed!! "

Natural Healer
February 24, 2017
First Name: Julie

"Rebecca is extremely sweet, knowledgable and compassionate. Every time I visit her I feel 150% better by the time I leave. I would recommend her to anyone. Without a doubt she's a natural healer, love her!! "

February 10, 2017
First name: Mike


I just wanted to take a few moments to review the services that I have received at Holistic Harmony over the past couple of years. As my licensed massage therapist, you know better than anyone, the intense/chronic back pain that I suffer from. Over the years, I have literally tried everything for relief.  I have been to Physical therapy, I see a Chiropractor, and I have been given opiate and narcotic pain medication from my pain management doctor; nothing has benefited me the way that our appointments have. 

      I travel extensively for work, so I have seen licensed massage therapists from all corners of the world. No one has ever taken the time, compassion, and care that you have dedicated to familiarize yourself with my unique situation. We have spent our time together developing a custom therapy regimen designed for my specific pain, and my specific needs. Your dedication to your patients and your professionalism, combined with your amazing personality and true caring nature, will allow anyone who comes to you for massage to feel completely comfortable. 

From beginners, to seasoned recipients of massage, whenever I hear anyone discussing pain, aches, the need to relax, a gift for a loved one, or a massage “just because”, I have never missed an opportunity to refer these people to you. 

 Recently, when you were going on a well-deserved, and much needed family vacation, you expressed your true concern, and even insisted that I see someone else in your absence, because you know how much massage helps with my pain. I took your advice; I treated myself to a day spa (that I will not name) for a massage in your absence. I can honestly say that I paid twice as much, for half the time, and left feeling less than half the relief that I get from your massages. 

 I cannot thank you enough, I know that your humble nature will cause you hesitation to share this review, but I must insist. Please help me pass this along so that you may help others as you have helped me. 

I always look forward to our appointments, because I walk out every time feeling like a new and improved man. I hope that you can share your healing nature with as many people as possible and continue to grow your business as you deserve to. I know that if anyone takes the time to see you, they will forever be your customer. 

With Gratitude,
Michael "

January 20, 2017
First Name: Courtney

"I usually am the one pampering people all day at work, so tonight I decided to switch it up... got a massage by Rebecca and it was awesome!!! Definitely going back next month. Almost caught myself drooling like 12 times! "

December 28, 2016
First Name: Jeff

"Absolutely brilliant. Always pitch perfect with tons of heart. An absolute must! "

Highly Recommend!
December 13, 2016
First Name: Jackie

"I have been getting massages from Rebecca for a little over a year now. During and after my massages, I am very relaxed and cannot wait for my next appointment! Rebecca is very knowledgable and knows how to best help her patients! I highly recommend booking an appointment with her for your next massage! "

July 2, 2015

First Name: Shana 
"I have gone to Rebecca numerous times now. She is extremely knowledgable. During my recent massage, she was able to recommend things to help me stay strong & healthy from a holistic perspective as well. She is an amazing person and professional. I continue to be confident in recommending her to anyone."

Best Massage!! 
August 22, 2013   
First Name: Jennifer 
"I have always had a great deal of back and shoulder pain, and have been to numerous massage therapists over the years. Rebecca is unquestionably the best massage therapist that I've had. She is so warm, caring, and professional, you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. She is clearly extremely knowledgable and uses a variety of techniques to alleviate pain and facilitate utter relaxation. Rebecca listens carefully to all your concerns and you can rest and relax easily knowing you are in her care. Truly, the massages that I have gotten by Rebecca are the best I've ever had; I recommend her wholeheartedly, and will most certainly be going back regularly! "

August 11, 2013   
First Name: Melissa 
"Rebecca is a miracle worker. I couldn't turn my head to the right for 2 weeks but 1 session with her and I am turning my head again. If you ever need a massage I highly recommend her!!! She make you feel very comfortable & is very professional."

Family Ties

August 07, 2013   
First Name: Stephanie 
"This Spring I saw Rebecca for my very first massage ever. I wasn't sure how awkward it would be to receive a massage from a family member but Rebecca upholds a high standard in professionalism and it was fabulous! The calming and relaxing atmosphere and Rebecca's talent together create an amazing experience that I can't wait to have again! I highly recommend Rebecca and am not ashamed to say that I hand out her business card to anyone that mentions a massage in the local area."

January 25, 2013   
First Name: Alexis 
" I had my first massage with Rebecca right before Christmas. She is absolutely incredible and does an amazing job. I had very little massage experience before seeing Rebecca, but now I am hooked! As a student-athlete my body takes a lot of beatings throughout the year. Rebecca was able to release a majority of the tightness throughout my body. I felt like a new woman after my massage! The parts of my body that were bothering me most before felt much better. Rebecca is not only an amazing person with a fantastic personality but she is a great massage therapist! I would highly recommend her! "

The Perfect Massage
January 17, 2013   
First Name: Mary 
"I started seeing Rebecca a couple of months ago due to an injury to my neck, shoulder, arm, low back, and leg. I tried chiropractic care, Physical therapy, and surgery. Nothing gave me enough relief to function like I was half human! Since seeing Rebecca, I have had such a dramatic improvement in mobility and range of motion. My pain level has decreased and my muscles are smoother and more pliant. Rebecca is wonderful and very personable. She is the best!! "

December 30, 2012   
First Name: Holly 
"I had my first massage session with Rebecca just after Christmas. It was a wonderful experience. I have had many massages in the past and some left me hurting more after. Rebecca showed expertise in the massage and worked on the areas that were bothering me most. The best part was that I didn't hurt at all afterwards! I highly recommend booking a session with Rebecca today. I will be going back for many more."

Massage Review
October 17, 2012   
First Name: Shana 
"Today was my first session with Rebecca and it will not be the last :) She is now at the top of my list of LMTs in the area. She is an amazing person and professional. I am confident in recommending her to anyone."

Massage review
October 16, 2012   
First Name: Jenny 
"I give Rebecca my highest recommendation as a LMT. During my time with Rebecca as a hands on instructor, I found her to be a genuinely kind, gentle, caring woman. I had the opportunity to experience massages from Rebecca that transcend many experienced therapists I have encountered. Holistic Harmony is a appropriate name for Rebecca's work with warm healing hands and a natural connection, grace and beauty that are tangible. She brings more than her education, status as valedictorian, and one year experience...she brings her hands, heart and soul harmoniously! FIVE STARS! "

October 15, 2012   
First Name: Caryn 
"Rebecca is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She has such a gentle professionalism and her love for people's well being radiates through her. What sets Rebecca apart from any other massage therapist I've been to is her flow. She is incredibly smooth and pays great attention to problems I never even knew I had. Love her."

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