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                                      Sunday Morning Meditation & Mindfulness 

                                   July 22nd - Sept 2nd ~ 9:00-11:00am

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Please join me in creating a sacred space where we can come together to connect with our deep inner truths and also connect with each other, as we create our own small spiritual community of support, wisdom, compassion and healing.

Our weekly gatherings will consist of:

  • guided meditations and visualizations to relieve stress, protect yourself from absorbing negative energy from other people and increase your sense of joy, peace, and well-being 
  • learning basic meditation skills
  • Learning self-empowering energy techniques to balance your chakras
  • expanding spiritual awareness to connect with your inner wisdom
  • positive affirmations to bring positive changes into your life
  • mindfulness activities to help raise your vibration and to release old, negative thought patterns that aren’t serving you any longer
  • aligning your body, mind & spirit to help emotionally heal and revitalize you

In a time when our stress levels are higher than they’ve ever been, now, more than ever, we each need to create time and space in our lives for a spiritual practice that will help us cope with the stresses of daily life, that will help us re-connect with our hearts and with what brings us true joy, that will help us connect with other like-minded individuals, and that will inspire us to expand and blossom outward toward our true purpose and true potential.


I would be honored to help guide you on your journey toward creating a healthier, happier, more heart-centered, fulfilling life!

To register, please fill out the registration form below and feel free to call/text 315-794-0709 with any questions!


The St. Margaret's building is available to us as needed, but we will enjoy our gatherings outside, weather permitting! Dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat or blanket, a small notebook and pen, and a pillow if desired. I will arrive by 8:30 if anyone would like to come early in order to enjoy the lovely grounds and short walking trails before we begin. Both women & men are equally welcome!


Can’t wait to see you there!

Love & Light,


There are 20 spaces available.                        Cost: $25 per class.                     Location: St. Margaret's House - 47 Jordan Rd. New Hartford

journal                  Creative Writing Workshop - Healing the Heart through Storytelling 

                                                   dates/times to be announced soon

  This creative non-fiction writing workshop will focus on healing grief and emotional hardships through the  power of storytelling. During our time together, you will be guided, encouraged and supported throughout the process of writing down your own personal, powerful story.

  We have all experienced and survived grief, trauma and hardships throughout our lives, but these experiences can take quite a toll on our emotional, mental and even physical well-being. In this workshop you will finally give yourself permission to express what you may have buried deep within you in order to avoid feeling pain.

The truth is, that avoiding the grieving process and holding on to negative emotions prevents us from being able to fully feel joy and to be at peace with ourselves and our lives.

Come on out and let myself and your fellow community members encourage and support you on your writing journey into healing. You will be greeted with compassion and understanding. During the last session, if you are comfortable with it, you may choose to share your writing with the group.

It's time to release the emotional weight you've been carrying around all these years.

* This workshop is 4 sessions 

                There are 14 spots available for this workshop                                       Cost:$120                                       Location: St. Margaret's House - 47 Jordan Rd. New Hartford

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